Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7 week 9 challenges are now live and one of the challenges requires you to find and dance on Sundial, oversized cup of coffee, and the metal dog head. Complete this challenge will earn you five stars and 500 XP.

There are several stages involve in this task. You have to visit the dance locations in several stages in a row. In the first stage you have to find and dance on the sundial, in the second stage you have to dance on top of the oversized cup of coffee and in the third round you dance on the dog's head. We've highlighted their exact locations on the map below:

Fortnite BR, Dance Locations Map, Season 7, Week 9, Sundial, Cup of Coffee, Dog Head

As we mentioned earlier, the task is divided into three phases, which you must complete in succession: Phase 1: Dance on a sundial, Phase 2: Dance on an oversized cup of coffee and phase 3: Dance on top of a giant metal dog.

Visit only one of these locations per match and dance there. Then don’t just leave the game, otherwise it will not be counted for the challenge. You either have to win the round or you have to shoot down.

In the next round, you can visit the next dance location and do the same until you have completed all three stages of the challenge.

You have to dance in the following places:

- Sundial: You can find the sundial in the southeast of the map within grid field G9. It consists of two stacked cars with a wooden mast above. Stand on top of the mast and dance a round.

Sundial, Dance Location Map, Fortnite, Week 9, Season 7

- Oversized Cup of Coffee: Go to Dusty Divot's Diner within Grid F5. At the parking lot you will see the oversized coffee cup on which you have to dance.

Cup of Coffee, Dance Location Map, Fortnite, Week 9, Season 7

- Metal Dog Head: At the far northwest corner of Junk Junction within Field B2 you can see a crane with a dog's head on it. Climb upside down and dance.

Metal Dog Head, Dance Location Map, Fortnite, Week 9, Season 7


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