Sylas: League of Legends New Champion Skills and Ability

League of Legends (LoL) developers recently hinted a new hero for 2019. Now the first trailer for the new hero Sylas has been released. This video gives an insight into the history of the champion. In addition, important gameplay elements are also shown.

Apparently, Sylas can interact with and use the ultimate abilities of the opponents.

A few of the skills of Sylas are also demonstrated. Interesting is the interaction with the ultimate abilities of his opponents. They also played an important role in the teaser pictures.

In the trailer Sylas uses these ultimate attacks of his opponents. This works after he first got his opponents with his heavy, golden chains. Whether this is the prerequisite or the chains are simply a CC agent is unclear. But with the golden chains he apparently steals the ability of his opponents or copies them.

Sylas, League of Legends, New Champion, Skills and Ability

This is how the Ultimate of Sylas works:

- In Nidalee and Elise, he can turn into the alternative forms of cat and spider and switch back to its shape when reactivated.

- With Karma and Heimerdinger, he can use the Ult to cast one skill of their Q / W / E abilities once.

- If he steals the Ulti of Teemo and Corki, he gets a full load of those Ultis. So 7 rockets at Corki or 3 mushrooms at Teemo.

- With the Ulti of Zoe, Sylas jumps back and forth once.