All Outpost Locations Map Week 10 Season 7 Fortnite

One of the challenges in Fortnite week 10 of Season 7 requires you to visit all expedition outposts and as a reward you'll get more Battle-Stars.

If you play Fortnite Battle Royal on a regular basis, then these outposts are definitely familiar to you. They are small red buildings that appeared at 7 different locations on the map and can easily be recognized by their bright red color and to some extent you can see them on the map view as you zoom closer. Just look for red rectangles. On the following map we have marked the locations of the all 7 buildings:

All Outpost Locations, Map Guide, Week 10, Season 7, Fortnite

There are only seven outposts on the map, so you will have to visit them all to complete this challenge. The easiest method is to land at the nearest outpost and take one of the planes parked in front, and to take a turn of the map passing in a razor-high above other outposts. If you go down quite low with your plane you will not even need to leave your plane and touch the ground so that the outpost is accounting.

If you are unsuccessful before making your turn on the map, then you’ll not need to start from the beginning because the outposts already counted are saved.