Anthem Escari: Weakness and Tactical Combat Guide

Escari is a four legs giant creature armed with weapons that you’ll encounter often during some missions in Anthem.

Note: If you are looking for Escari to get Corium to craft Shield of Dawn, then it should be noted that this is not a quick or reliable method. The main reason being that there is no Escari present by default on the map in freeplay mode.

Escari has a wide range of abilities to trick you. To know them and to know how to manage them should greatly help you to defeat or escape him.

HMG: Escari regularly uses his heavy machine gun. You can escape from the shooting by moving fast, but it is better to take cover if you are targeted.

Heavy Cannon: A red laser will come out of the barrel and target a player, after a few seconds he will shoot 3 consecutive shells. Dodges don’t always work well here, the best thing to do is hide behind an obstacle. The damage is enough to destroy a Javelin in one or two shots with a high level of difficulty.

Guided Rockets: With this Escari launches missiles in all directions and if you get hit by this you’ll get considerable damage, and it is particularly difficult to dodge them. It's even impossible for the Colossus. Their damage is such that his shield will quickly explode too. These missiles trip, and there are 3 successive waves, it is possible to be blocked and kill without being able to do anything. Once again, the best thing to do is to take cover.

Flamethrower: If a player is in the Escari's melee and is not using another attack, he will spit flames under him and inflict heavy damage on nearby Javelin.

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Summon Scars: This technique is not always present, it depends on the mission and level of difficulty. A group of small Scars will simply appear around the Escari, this usually includes a mix of scavengers, destroyers, but also more dangerous Scars like Hunters and Heavy Executors. This means that the longer the fight goes, the lower your chances of winning as you will fall below the number unless you have excellent damage (compared to the chosen difficulty).

Weaknesses and Tactical Combat

In addition to all that has been listed above, the Escari is immune to freezing and has a lot of life. Fortunately, despite all his arsenal, he is far from invincible. He has a series of weak points as well as a big vulnerability.

You can knock out the Escari in a round using a sufficiently powerful impact technique on its armored cockpit at the front. You have to face it and there are not many techniques that work but if you have one, it will greatly facilitate the fight. The most notable is the Colossus' electromagnetic barrel, especially its masterful two-charge version. There are probably other abilities that have the same effect. If you perform the maneuver correctly, the Escari will fall to the ground, its cockpit will open and the pilot will exit. You will then have long seconds to attack freely without fearing anything from him (but not other Scars). He will eventually get up, and close his cockpit. It only remains to repeat this method until death. If it's done well, it can prevent him from using all his techniques. However, it is necessary that all Javelins are in the same direction in order to avoid that it turns its cockpit in another direction.

Failing to knock him out in a round, it's better to take cover and make quick exits to attack his other weak points. You have to be quick to hide when the missiles launch.