Anthem: Useful Tips and Guide from Michael Gamble

Michael Gamble, the lead producer of Anthem, has shared some useful tips and guide on Twitter to help fans to make their gameplay better.

- The first tip from Gamble is not to spoil the story of Anthem for other players. For those who care about the story, he advises caution with streams and videos.

- The next tip from Gamble is for those who want to know more about the history and the backgrounds beyond the missions, he recommends talking to the NPCs in Fort Tarsis. It is the last city of humans, which serves as a base of operations and in-game hub.

As the people in Fort Tarsis have a lot of stories to tell themselves. The team was proud of the many cool characters that were created there. Many of them are hilarious and give a deeper look into the world of Anthem.

- Gambler also advised not to spend all your in-game currency, the coins you get at the beginning of the game, at once to buy cosmetic items for your Javelin. As the customization system is very profound, he recommended playing Anthem for just a few hours to be sure which javelin and cosmetic items you really want in the beginning.

- Players are advised to use Anthem's alliance system. That's really good and you get a lot of coins, which you can use for the customization of your own javelin.

The alliances embody a kind of rewards system that the creators use to promote interaction with friends. If you and your friends are engaged in expeditions such as missions, contracts, or stronghold, then at the end of the activity there will be alliance experience points.

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This has nothing to do with guilds or clans. Even points from Anthem players in your friends list that don’t go out with you are included.

At the end of each week there will be a reward for coins - the in-game currency. Every member of the alliance gets this bonus. The number of coins depends on how many Alliance points you could collect in each week.

- The game offers a six difficulty levels. Before you reach the endgame, you have three different levels of difficulty to choose from: Easy, Normal and Hard. Then add 3 grades in Grandmaster rank.

Easy and Normal should be possible to do this solo. Hard, on the other hand, usually requires tactical interaction with friends or other freelancers.

That's why he recommends players who are looking for a challenge to play Anthem on Hard difficulty. You always have to be careful that you don’t get spank regularly until you finally play well.

- Once you reach level 30 with your character, the main story should be completed and the endgame of Anthem begins. An important part of the endgame should be the challenges.

There should be daily, weekly and even monthly tasks. The alliance system should also help to master these challenges.

The Lead Producer now explicitly highlights these challenges, emphasizing that they should not be ignored. Because the corresponding rewards are especially valuable.

- All contents of Anthem can easily be mastered alone. Solo players will also get their money's worth. But the most fun with friends is fun and unfolds only in the team, among other things through agreed combos its full potential.

Therefore, Gamble advises to increasingly use the fast game of Anthem. Because Anthem offers matchmaking for everything. There you can jump into random content for selected categories without long waits or much planning and support other players on their expeditions or get help for your own tasks.