Apex Legends Fix Crashes, Slow, Hangs and Not Responding

Apex Legends requires a lot of system resources to run besides the servers are also unstable due to the large number of players and these can cause some instability problems such as crashes, slow downs, hangs, freezes and Not Responding.

Update March 6, 2019

Today, Nvidia has released a driver to fix the "DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG" which was crashing a lot of Apex players. To download it, please visit geforce

However, Respawn is still working on fixing other Problems

On the official Apex Legends forum, the Community Manager has listed a set of tips to avoid some of these problems. However, these troubleshooting tips will not fix all your issues and it will be necessary to wait for an update.

First, make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date and also you have the latest versions of Windows. Plus, be sure your PC is powerful enough to run the Apex Legends.

- Try to minimize graphics settings in the game menu
- Right-click on the shortcut icon on the desktop and run "Solve Accounting Problems" before running the game
- Repair the game in Origin. In the Origin client, right click on Apex Legends and select "Repair"
- Switch from full-screen mode to windowed or borderless mode
- Close all your background applications
- A background program may cause a conflict with Origin. By performing a clean boot, you will close all the unnecessary programs needed to start your PC. Once the computer has started, launch the game directly
- Some versions of your graphics drivers are crashing the game. Feel free to return to 417.71 and 417.35 which allowed some players to no longer crash

Apex Legends, Fix Crashes, Fix Errors

- Limit the number of IPS (image per second): right click on Apex in your game library, game property, advanced boot options and add + fps_max 90 then save
- Disable Nvidia G-Sync or AMD Freesync
- Adjust Ambient Occlusion in the Nvidia Control Panel (3D Parameter Management)
- Adjust or disable all forms of Vsync for your monitor.
- Downclock your GPU to default settings
- Try to uninstall GeForce Experience
- Increase the power setting of your GPU and Windows to Max. Open the "NVIDIA Control Panel." In the panel, select "Manange3D Settings" in the left column. Click the Power Management Mode drop-down list and select "Maximum Performance Preferences"
- Try to reduce the texture streaming of the game's settings.
- Reinstall the game on the internal hard drive (C: \) and disconnect the external hard drives that are not in use
- Add Windows Defender Firewall exceptions: Control Panel / System and Security / Windows Defender Firewall: Apps Allowed). Be sure to add and check both boxes in the Origin's Launcher program. Anti-virus programs may conflict with Origin
- Right-click the speaker icon in the system tray, choose Sound> play, and turn off any unused output device (remember to right-click Show All Devices disconnected / deactivated.
- If you encounter the error message "Illegal Instruction", please report the problem to Easy Anti-Cheat
- Changing the language can help some players. Right-click on the game board in Origin, choose Game Properties, then Advanced Launch Options. Change the language. Save and update the game. Once this is done, try to return to your original language and check again
- Allow Windows to manage the size of your swap file
- Make sure Origin, the game and your swap file are all on (C: \)
- Disable full screen optimizations
- Allow the EasyAntiCheat service to restart if it fails