Capture Nekker Easily in MH World X Witcher 3

The Monster Hunter World X Witcher 3 Crossover Event is now available and as a part of this event, Astora's steward will give you a new task that is to capture a monster from another world, in exchange for equipment for your Palico.

During the mission, some hints are given to you, here are the conditions to fulfill to find the Nekker:

- Start an expedition in the Ancient Forest at night. The Great Jagras must be available.

- Go to Zone 2, you should attack and destroy all the little Jagras but don’t hit the Big one.

- Hide in the bushes until the Great Jagras returns in the zone with the big belly, and wait till it vomit the food for the small Jagras.

- We advise you to use the Chameleon's Cloak skill and hide in the bushes to make sure you are not seen.

- The Nekker will appear and jump on what has vomited the Great Jagras, it remains only to capture the net. Then return to Astora to talk to the housekeeper and the blacksmith.

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Nekker Equipment

The armor is dreadful, but its statistics are good, as long as you don’t face a monster that uses water attacks.

Easter Egg

As stated in Nekker's description of his capture, only one is harmless, but 5 are deadly. If you capture and release several Nekkers in your room, they will become aggressive and attack you relentlessly with small roars. Fortunately, it's only cosmetic. If you want to have a bunch of them in your room, you know what you have to do.