Earn Apex Packs in Apex Legends - Guide

Apex Packs in Apex Legends are pretty important as they allow you to unlock various items such as weapon or legend skins and crafting material to craft your favorite items.

How to Get Apex Packs in Apex Legends

There are two ways to earn Apex packs in AL. The first method is to climb up the levels to reach the top rank to unlock a chest. Currently, there are only 45 Apex packs available from level 1 to 100.

The second method is to use your real money to get Apex coins and then get Apex packs.

These Apex packs are divided in order of rarity and rewards are random. It is inevitably more rare to find a legendary object than a rare object. The probabilities are Rare item or better: 100%, Epic item or better: 24.8% and Legendary item: 7.4%

These probabilities are likely to change because they have been calculated by simulating their opening in large numbers.

Items in the game are available in the following rarity levels:

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Weapon Skins: Available in all rarity levels - Standard, Rare, Epic and Legendary
Legend Skins: Available in all rarity levels
Legend Finishers: Available only in Legendary
Banner Frames: Available in Standard, Rare and Legendary
Banner Posses: Available in Rare and Epic
Banner Stat Trackers: Available in Standard and Rare
Intro Quips: Available in Standard and Rare
Kill Quips: Available only in Standard
Crafting Metals: Available in all rarity levels

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The advantage of Apex packs that you cannot have the same loot twice. Indeed, the cosmetic objects that you own cannot reappear. Once all the rare items obtained, you will have the chance to only on epic or legendary items but you will still be able to get raw materials of rare level. They can leave the pack again and again regardless of the quantity in your possession.

The second advantage is that bad luck protection is put in place. It means that you cannot open 30 Apex packages without receiving at least one legendary item. Finish the infinite openings of chests without even seeing a shade of purple coming out of the mysterious box.