Find Battle Star Season 8 Week 1: Fortnite Location Guide

Season 8 Week 1 challenges are live in Fortnite, bringing a various new collection of tasks with new areas.

The new set of challenges in latest season is less harsh than in the previous Season. There was added a large new ice biome with additional land mass. However, in S8 the map remains largely the same size.

During a season, Fortnite hides a weekly battle star or banner on the map and the players can collect this after completing the corresponding week challenges.

After completing the challenges in Season 8 Week 1 you’ll be able to unlock the loading screen that hints the location of the battle star.

Note: To appear the hidden start  you must always have the current and all previous loading screens unlocked - otherwise the star remain hidden, even if you are looking for the right place.

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The black heart captain can be seen on this first secret loading screen and you have to pay close attention to the background of this picture. The star is behind him at the top of the tower in the center of Lazy Lagoon, a new area to the north of the map at the edge of the river.
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