Fortnite Battle Pass: Season 8 Week 1 Challenges Now Live

Fortnite Season 8 Week 1 Challenges - All Season 8, Week 1 Battle Pass Challenges are now live in Battle Royale.

It's Thursday, it's time for Fortnite BR challenges Season 8 has just been released and the challenges you need to accomplish during this first week are already available.

This time you’ll have to visit all the pirate camps, a giant head in the desert or search some chests.

Free challenges

- Visit all pirate camps

- Search crates at Junk Junction or Retail Row

- Step challenge - Step 1: Inflict damage to opponents with a Shotgun or an explosive weapon in a single match

Battle Pass Challenges

- Visit a giant head in the desert, in the jungle and in the snow

- Use a geyser in several parts

- Eliminate opponents with a Shotgun, an Assault Rifle and an explosive weapon

- Inflict damage to a vehicle on which an opponent is located

The battle pass brings three new outfits that you’ll get only with the help of this BP
You get two of these skins right when you activate the pass. It refers to: Black Heart and  Hybrid.

The black heart outfit is reminiscent of a bad pirate. So the skin also wears an eyepatch. In addition, his entire body consists only of a bluish skeleton.

Fortnite Battle Pass, S8 W1, Black Heart Outfit

This skin is reminiscent of a fighting lizard. This ninja is displayed very fast and nimble.

Fortnite Battle Pass, S8 W1 Challenges, Fighting Lizard Outfit

If you upgrade the Battle Pass to the Battle Bundle, you’ll get another skin. This cowgirl will be unlocked as well.

Fortnite Battle Pass, S8 W1 Challenges, Cowgirl Skin

In the new BP, there is also the Party Assist feature. You can team up with friends so you can solve the weekly challenges.