Get Ethanol and Upgrade Home Base in Far Cry New Dawn

In Far Cry New Dawn (FC New Dawn), you can upgrade and expand your home base for this you need ethanol, a valuable resource that your enemies want. However, for some upgrades in the base, you also need specialists that you can find at various locations in Hope County.

In Prosperity, there are eight buildings that can improve you in different areas. All facilities can be upgraded by three levels.

- Cartography - Provides intel maps for purchase, more details are visible on the map
- Explosives Lab - Unlocks the explosives production
- Expeditions - Unlock expeditions and fast travel
- Healing Garden - Improves the effect of the Medikits
- Infirmary - Improves maximum health
- Training Camp - Improves the health and damage of your NPC Companions
- Garage - Lets you manufacture vehicles.
- Workbench - Unlocks weapon production

For example, to make a higher level weapon, you need to have the appropriate level of the workbench.

Where do you get the ethanol to upgrade your home base?

The easiest way to get ethanol is by taking outposts. In total, there are 10 outposts in Hope County, which are marked by a pink flag with eye symbol on the map. However they are not listed from the beginning, but must be revealed gradually.

Get Ethanol, Upgrade Home Base, FCND, Far Cry New Dawn

Talk to the Wiki-Bean-ia scouts in the game world or Prosperity regularly. You recognize him by the exclamation mark symbol above his head. He gives you clues about interesting places, missions and sometimes outposts, which are then marked on the map.
To take an outpost, you have to kill all the enemies in it. By taking an outpost for the first time, you earn 100 ethanol. You can increase this yield even more if you consider the following factors:

- Don’t trigger an alarm: Don’t let an enemy raise the alarm in an outpost while you capture it. Pay attention to the radio masts with the green lights. At the bottom of these masts is the alarm box, which you can silently disable by hand. If there is no alarm, you'll get +25 ethanol in the end. Incidentally, there are two or three alarm systems on the higher difficulty levels that you have to pay attention to.

- To remain undetected: It is even better if you remain completely undetected while taking it. Use the bow, weapons with silencers and takedowns to hit one enemy at a time. It does not matter if enemies find dead comrades as long as they just don’t spot you. You will not sound an alarm, just look around. If you manage, you get the best bonus with 50 ethanol.

In the best case brings you the first time taking an outpost 150 ethanol. However, that's not the end of it. The respective outpost will then receive the first of three stars and you can take them to the next level of difficulty.

Go to the just taken outpost to the radio with the blue repeating symbol and loot it. This brings you another 50 ethanol and after a loading screen, the outpost is again hostile. Although the difficulty now increases, but also the prey increased by twice.

On difficulty levels II and III, you then get 200 or 300 ethanol for oral use and the bonuses also double, if you don’t raise an alarm and go undetected. Taking outposts is therefore the best way to get ethanol fast.

Deliver Tanker To Outpost

Another lucrative source of ethanol are corresponding trucks of the Highwaymen, which you can find regularly on the streets. You just have to kill the driver and any convoys. Then drive the truck to the next outpost or Prosperity to get some ethanol.

Loot Supply Drops

At regular intervals, you will see the message Supply Drops Detected. On the bottom left of your screen. The delivery will always take place only a few meters away from you, then you should leave everything and go to the landing point to loot the delivery. You have to hold the button pressed on the box for a few seconds until you get the loot. Each supply drop contains 35-40 ethanol and also useful other materials.