Getting Started in Anthem: Beginner's Guide

You just got your hands on Anthem and wondering where to start or how to progress in the game easily. Then we have compiled some useful tips and strategies to get you started.

Choose Your Javelin: Once the tutorial is completed, you’ll be asked to pick your Javelin. You will be forced to do some levels with the chosen Javelin. Here is a quick summary of the Javelin and their profile, of course if you do not like the chosen Javelin, you can always change it, then later you can play and equip the 4.

Ranger: The versatile and essentially balanced Javelin, he mainly uses his ranged weapons and grenades to deal damage. It is easy and enjoyable to play.

Colossus: This big nag of the band mixes heavy artillery and tanking. He doesn’t have energy shields, but a very robust physical shield that can be deployed with the left Ctrl / center wheel / dodge key. He is quite slow, not very agile and he is a big target, but he has a lot of life. His starting weapons may be a little confusing but eventually he gains things that are easier to use.

Storm: If you like flying over the area and unleash the elements to control enemies and kill them, this Javelin is for you. A little more fragile than the others, he is nevertheless the king of the combo. However, you must be careful not to expose yourself too much.

Interceptor: The fastest and agile Javelin of the group with its small size and triple jump, he shines particularly in melee but he can be played in other ways. He is also more fragile than others, which requires managing his movements and attacks.

Progression - Strongholds

- If you are used to games of this genre, then you can play Difficult to level 30. The only exception being the strongholds, which are much more difficult than the rest, which will have to be done in Normal at first.

- We strongly suggest you focus on the main missions and do the side quests and contracts later. The reason being that the end of the campaign unlocks new options and two stages of the latter require you to perform a number of actions that are similar to farming. The first is that of the Tombs of the Legionnaires, it is absolutely necessary to start as fast as possible in Free Play. The second, Tomb Trials is about high-level content, but it will not hurt to start validating it quickly.

Fort Tarsis

- Unless you are patient and an absolute fan of lore and ambiance, the passages at Fort Tarsis are painful. Dozens of dialogues without great interest, however it is important to carry out all the dialogues in order to obtain large amounts of loyalty from factions and to unblock missions.

- It is easy to give in to temptation and to hammer out / B / Round and not to read any dialogue, however, it will complicate matters when a choice is asked of you. Generally, the answer "nice" is the good one, it is almost always located on the left. Some choices have an impact on the future of the people of Fort Tarsis, at least on an individual level, and that's not something you can come back to after the fact.


You will gain new slots for pieces of equipment by going up in levels, it is vital to keep your Javelin up to date in the Forge. Without going into too specific advice, here are the main lines to follow:

- Regularly change weapons to higher ones because their damage will increase proportionally. You will not always be able to play with your favorite weapon as you progress. This also applies to special equipment mounted on your Javelin if it does damage.

- Apart from the score, you have to pay attention to their color, so their quality. You will not find blue items (rare) before level 10, purple objects (epic) before level 20, and oranges and yellows (legendary items) before level 30. The main difference with the Quality of objects is the number of random bonuses below fixed statistics of the object. They can be excellent or otherwise useless. It will be necessary to determine which statistics are useful to you. Having a bonus of + 20% gun ammo if you play a Colossus armed with a grenade launcher is useless for example, a green object may be better than a blue and a blue better than a purple if the bonuses are more relevant to your class. It will be necessary to sort and think to dismantle the bad objects to find better one there.

- Like weapons, the components are greatly influenced by the level. All components offer a certain amount of armor and shield in addition to a special bonus, this will determine the robustness of your Javelin. So try to always have a maximum of high level components so that your survival is not too calamitous.

- You can make equipment in the Javelin's equipment panel after using certain weapons and accessories for quite some time, as well as gaining loyalty from the factions. It is a good way to progress quickly in power towards the middle of the campaign and beyond.

- Finally, try to choose skills that can trigger combos with your teammates if you play with friends. This is indicated in their description, there are primers and detonators. Combining the two will cause devastating combos.


- This fundamental element of the gameplay has some subtleties for starters, do not wait to overheat (red bar followed by a crash) to ask you and cool the reactors. Overheating will take a long time. It is better to ask before reaching this point.

- When your Javelin heats in flight, ask yourself, sprint a few meters and then take off again.

- In general it is better not to fly at too high altitude, if only because in case of violent landing, the recovery animation is much longer, you will be immobilized for long periods.

- Flying low over water, or in a waterfall will cool your mech and allow you to fly longer.

- The many resource points and chests scattered in nature (marked by a small column of white light) are a good opportunity to land. Picking them up will often give you loyalty, components and the opportunity to cool your reactors.


- Remember to use all your skills regularly. Try to have tools for all situations (eg zone damage and others for a powerful single target).

- Use the scenery to cover and cut the firing line of the majority of enemies while you focus on an enemy, or a group of enemies.

- When strong enough enemies are present, it is better to be several to focus on, rather than go to duel in your corner.

- Reviving your teammates without being disabled yourself should be your priority. That means either doing it by hiding behind an obstacle, doing it with enough life or eliminating immediate threats so that you can act quietly.

- If you are low alive, flee by flying, use the obstacles to cover yourself and look for red care kits on the ground. Killing small, basic enemies is a good way to get some. Almost all bosses invoke, which is as much a threat as an opportunity.

- Your ultimate makes you invincible during use and restores your entire life. This is a great way to turn the situation around in a difficult fight. Just make sure you do not lose control of your Javelin just before you can activate it. A bug in the early Fortresses sometimes indicates that it is loaded, but it is not.

- Aim at the sensitive parts of the enemy, it can be the head for many enemies, the tanks exposed in their backs and arms for the colossi enemies, the legs for Scars tanks, back and arms shining titans, etc. It will make a big difference in terms of damage.