Havoc Guide: How to Use New Apex Legends Assault Rifle

Havoc is a new assault rifle added in the first Apex Legends update. The riffle comes with energy ammo and can be equipped with different attachments.

- The fire mode receiver lets you switch between auto and single shot (focused beam).

- The turbocharger removes the time it takes the Havoc to reach its full rate of fire in auto mode.

This assault riffle has a relatively high rate of fire, which however, builds up slowly, similar to the Devotion. A magazine holds 25 shots and is consumed in about 4 seconds (without turbocharger).

In beam mode, it uses 5 ammos per shot and hits it immediately. The projectiles have no travel time, but each shot also has a recharge time.

How much damage does Havoc make? The damage figures of the Havoc vary between their different fire modes. In addition, there are reports that at least in single beam mode, removal plays a role.

In auto mode: Damage to the body: 18 and damage to the head: 36

In beam mode: Damage to the body: about 40 and damage to the head: about 80

The figures for ray mode are inaccurate because there are reports from players that have a "damage drop-off". The damage becomes smaller, the farther the target is removed.

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Compare Havoc with Triple Take and Devotion: As an energy weapon, the Havoc can best be classified between Triple Take and Devotion. It even takes a place pretty well between the sniper rifle and the light MG.

Compared to devotion, the Havoc can do a lot of damage without getting so fast through the ammo reserves. With a turbocharger, it is even more accurate and effective.

Compared to the Triple Take, the Havoc use on long distances is not so good. A Triple Take does more reliably damage even without a precision choke and is stronger at shorter distances than the Havoc with a Fire mode receiver attachment.

Tips and Tricks in dealing with the Havoc

- Energy ammo is rare so you could quickly go "empty" in the course of the game. That's why the Havoc, especially at the beginning, uses it as a strong weapon and changes it during the course of the round.

- When the Havoc charges, it is very loud. You will alert opposing players with it.

- The ideal visor for all modes is in my experience a x2-x4 optics.

- The "legendary" version of the rifle has a non-replaceable attachment.