Improve FPS and Reduce Loading Time in Anthem

Many Anthem players are not happy about the long screen loading time. Especially, if the rest of the team has faster systems than a player and then has to wait constantly for those and this becomes annoying.

In this guide, we’ll show you how much SSD hard disks help your loading times. We also give you some useful tips on graphics settings that you can use to improve your FPS.

SSD is a hard disk that has many advantages over a standard HDD. The biggest advantages are construction-related significantly shorter access times.

So if you have an SSD in your system, it's best to install Anthem on it. Players are crazed about how Anthem's load times are reduced.

How much does an SSD improve loading times in Anthem? As the Gamestar reports, SSD has clear advantages over HDD in several areas. They tested Anthem with SSD vs HDD and came to the following conclusions:

- The game starts with an SSD about 50 seconds, with an HDD about 80 seconds.
- Loading the first game area with an SSD about 25 seconds, with an HDD about 125 seconds.
- Loading a mission takes about 35 seconds with an SSD, and about 150 seconds with an HDD.

The test was a Crucial MX500 SSD against a Toshiba DT01ACA HDD.

If you don’t have an SSD, you can easily upgrade them.

Boost FPS, Improve Loading Time, Anthem

If you are a console player, you can also upgrade your console with an SSD.

Patch to Improve Anthem on HDD Hard Drives: On Twitter, Michael Gamble, Lead Producer for Anthem, explains that the Day 1 Patch brings improvements to hard drives.

Adjust graphic settings in Anthem

Players say the performance in Anthem can be easily increased by turning on the right button. In a discussion on Reddit, there were two particular shots that made for a true FPS boost when disabled or reduced.

- Ambient Occlusion: You can disable this feature
- Post Processing Quality: Turn this option low or turn it off completely

How to change the settings: Go to the menu (Escape), select "Video" and then "Advanced Graphics Settings". Now you have to set the graphics quality to Custom to make individual adjustments to each setting.

Who plays a lot on the computer should also update their drivers regularly. This is probably very important in Anthem.