Kingdom Hearts 3 KH3 Sora: Earn XP and Reach Max Level Fast

To get Sora and his companions Donald and Goofy to the max level 99 in Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) requires a lot of effort. Here’s our strategy guide to help you farm XP and level up faster in KH3.

To level up quickly in the game, first you should complete the story and forged the Ultima weapon.

Next you need to farm a lot of XP. We recommend battle gates here. However, you will not get them until you defeat the last boss and complete the KH3 story. The battle gates are provided with a difficulty level and can be repeated as often as you like.

For our first method, you don’t necessarily need the Ultima weapon, but it will greatly facilitate and accelerate the process. Travel to Arendelle and start in the Labyrinth of Ice (middle level). Now do the following to be able to level-up quickly:

- Turn left immediately and follow the way up using your focus jump

- Once at the top, go left through the first entrance and ignore the bridge in the middle and the path on the right

- In the big hall you will find a blue ball with splinters - this is the battle gate number 9

Kingdom Hearts 3, KH3, Sora, Battle Gate Nine

- Now press R1 + X or RB + A to use the focus attack of the Ultima weapon, which will kill all smaller enemies with just one hit.

In some cases, a mini boss appears in this battle gate. You still have to tackle him before you collect the reward (45000 XP) and will be able climb several steps in a few minutes time.

Our second method to get XP fast is the very first battle gate portal in Olympus. You can find it by traveling to the area of the Realm of the Gods, and after the spawn turn right through the big gate.

Here you keep right and jump down, where you can already see the blue battle gate on the ground. The advantage of this portal is the low level of difficulty. Leveling fast will be easy for you here.

The strategy for more experience points is the same as above. With the Ultima weapon, you can even complete this task in under a minute. This keyblade is not mandatory. Simply kill all enemies and repeat this battle portal as often as you like. Here, you can earn nearly 2 million XP per hour,

As a reward, you will receive the Max Level Trophy when Sora reaches level 99.