Locations to Get Better Loot: Apex Legends Landing Spots Map

Like in many other Battle Royal Games, picking the right spot to land at the very beginning of each round is vital in Apex Legends as well.

The landing locations in this game are divided into different levels of importance and you’ll always find something valuable, better loot or high quality materials in these landing areas: Artillery, Relay, Swamp, Hydro Dam, Repulsor, Water Treatment, Thunderdome, Bunker, Airbase and The Pit

However, there is a drawback here. Many other players also attract these areas so you have to fight to get your share. As a rule of thumb, most players jump out of the airship quite early. So choose a best landing place at the end of the entry lane.

There are two landing locations with high-quality loot and friendly environment: Thunderdome and Relays.

Thunderdome: Particularly for new players, who want to equip themselves in peace land best at the Thunderdome. In the area on the southwestern edge of the map is often not too busy at the beginning so you and your team can loot in peace. Then you can go in the direction of Skull Town.

Relay: The relay area is located diagonally opposite the Thunderdome at the northeast end of the map and is also often less populated which, of course, always depends somewhat on the chosen entry lane. In many matches, you and your team can also calmly collect weapons, ammunition and equipment before you head into the other areas.

Those who don't shy away from risk and want to be rewarded with abundant resources should try to land on the Supply Ship or in the Hot Zone.

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Supply Ship: this particular ship moves over the map at the beginning of each round. It is marked for all players and you can either land directly on it or wait for it to reach its destination and then reach by zip line. You’ll always find some high-quality loot there but of course all the other players know that. If you land there, be prepared for a heavy fight.

Hot Zones: This area is only available at the beginning of a match, a blue circle on the map marks an area for all players, in which you have high-quality equipment and partly fully upgraded weapons. So, of course, many players land there and you should weigh well whether you want to take the risk in purchasing.