Mobility Skills: Tips to Escape Move Faster in Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, your mobility or movement skills are important to escape enemies and progress fast. Here are some of the best movement skills to success in AL.

Wall Jumps

The first tip is to jump off a wall quickly. This sudden change of direction will surprise your opponents. You bounce off the wall like a rubber.

How does Wall Jumps work? You move to a wall, jump, let go of W key, then press jump to bounce off wall

Bunny Hop

Players who are already familiar with the source engine may already have heard of bunny hopping. This is a method that keeps jumping so you don’t lose your speed.

To work this movement you sprint, slide and then jump. Release W key and keep jumping while holding crouch and look towards and direction and match it with strafe keys.

Avoid Landing Lag

For this movement you just have to press the hotkey for a melee attack just before landing.

Slid Away

You'll probably know that you're sliding forward in Apex Legends. New for many is that you can slide backwards.

First you sprint. Then you jump and turn 180 degrees in the air. Then press "crouch" to move backward in the direction you moved into at first.

Use Pathfinder As A Catapult

One of Pathfinder's abilities is that he can pull himself to an object with a climbing hook. You can make it easy for you to stand out with a simple jump. So you can overcome walls during the jump and you don’t have to climb.

Use the climbing hook ability best to the maximum possible distance. As soon as the hook hits its target, press jump key to launch yourself.

Speedboost After Climbing

Mobility Skills, Tips to Escape, Move Faster, Apex Legends

If you climb over thin objects like walls or fences, the jump button gives you a speedboost.

How does it work? At the highest point of crossing a "thin structure" like a fence, press the jump button.

Hang On An Edge For Good Coverage

You don’t have to overcome objects while climbing in one go. Often it helps to hang on an edge first and thus gain a secure overview.

To work this Climb up a surface and let go W button shortly after starting to climb. Then your character hangs on the edge. You can also release the jump button. To continue climbing then move forward.