Unlock Ciri Armor Double Blades: MH World Witcher Crossover

The second part of the crossover is now available to Monster Hunter: World and you can unlock Ciri’s Armor and Dual Blades in the new event.

MH World Witcher Crossover event brought a new powerful monster, the Ancient Leshen is a particularly tough boss who can easily match the degree of difficulty with the behemoth or even the extreme behemoth. The new quest is called Contract: Woodland Spirit and is available from Hunter Rank 50.

Unlike the first event of the Witcher quests, you can fight the Ancient Leshen in the group with your own builds as well.

The Ancient Leshen is the most difficult boss in MHW Witcher Crossover. His health is significantly higher than the Extreme Behemoth at 67,500.

As a reward, those who manage to defeat the Ancient Leshen can craft several items from his monster pieces:

The Ciri Armor

Ciri is a popular character from The Witcher. She is the foster daughter of the sorcerer Geralt, whose armor set is also available in the game.

Ciri Armor, MH World, Witcher Crossover
These are the skills of the armor:

Evade Window Level 5
Ammo Up Level 3
Constitution Level 2
Evade Extender Level 2
Divine Blessing Level 2

These are the slots:

Helmet: level 3 slots to level 1 slot
Chest: level 3 slot
Gloves: level 2 slot
Torso: level 2 slot
Legs: level 2 slot to level 1 slot

Ciris’ Double Blades, Sword Zireael, MH World Witcher Crossover
Ciris’ Double Blades

Ciris’ double blades consist of her sword Zireael, as well as her dagger. The merits of these double blades are the white ground, level 3 decoration slot for jewel and the hidden element. The Zireael weapon is especially good for builds that use the Elementless skill. This can achieve even higher base damage. For pure DPS sets Zireael is currently likely to be one of the best double blades in the game.

The upgrade for the Geralt's sword

In addition to the weapon for Ciri, there is also an upgrade for Geralt's weapon, the Silver Sword. With the new Event Quest the higher level for the weapon has now been unlocked.

The upgrade increases the elemental and base damage of the weapon. It may now be the best choice if you are looking for a sword and shield with dragon element. It has a large bar for white sharpness, a high value in the dragon element, high dragon seal, which works well against Dragon Elders and a level 1 slot.