Unlock Skins, Characters and Apex Legends Store Guide

Apex Legends has its own in-game store where you can buy various cosmetics including Valentine's Day-themed items, weapon skins, legendary skins and new characters. These offers are changing with updates, so it's important to stay connected during the update times so you don’t lose skins and other items in the shop.

On the "Exclusive" tab, on the right side of the store, you can find items sold in Legend Token from AL games. To purchase these products you need to already have certain skins, which makes the items more desirable and interesting.

Crafting Metals

The most efficient way to get AL skins is to build them using Crafting Metals, the blue coins found in game packs. This way you can navigate through all the visual options of the game and choose which ones you want to assemble.

Unlock Skins, Characters, Apex Legends, Shop Guide

For weapons, select the category (rifles, shotguns, etc.), template and explore all options. Just click on the skin you want and confirm the purchase to unlock it. It will automatically be equipped with your weapon.

The process is quite similar for the characters, where you have to choose the legend, access the "Visuals" tab and select the skin you want to buy. Prices vary according to the quality of appearance.

In addition to skins, each Legend also has other unique items such as banners, quips and special finishers that are found in Apex Packs or can be built using Crafting Metals.

Weapons,  Apex Legends, Store Guide

Characters (Legends)

The most valuable items of Apex Legends are their legends, playable characters that need to be purchased in the store. Fortunately, it is also possible to unlock the Heroes with the Legend Tokens, received after each game.

For now there are only two unlockable characters, Mirage and Caustic, which cost 12,000 Legend Tokens. Just go to the "Shop" tab, select "Legends" and confirm the payment to have the heroes in your account. You can also buy them with Apex Coins, which cost real money.