Which Weapon should you pick to Survive in Apex Legends?

Selecting the right weapon at the beginning of Apex Legends is crucial for surviving in this Battle Royal game.

Apex Legends currently offers 19 weapons but you can only pick 2 weapons. Therefore, having the best weapon in AL will often determine your survival or death during the next few minutes in the game. To help you survive longer, we've compiled a list of our best Apex Legends weapons below:

Machine Guns


Currently considered one of the best weapons of the game, the Spitfire is the archetype of the machine gun with a reasonable rate of fire and a magazine of 35 balls (without accessories). Much more stable than the next weapon, it nevertheless offers a somewhat less important DPS. On the other hand what it offers places a step above the Devotion.


This machine gun that uses energy ammunition has the particularity of having a rate that increases by shooting continuously and with its 44 balls in the magazine, it offers a significant DPS. Nevertheless, due to relatively rare ammunition and a slight recoil of the weapon, this Devotion is less recommended than the previous weapon although it remains an excellent choice on the battlefield.



This is the best pistol in the category, with a 6 bullets in a magazine, perfect accuracy and less than a second (about 0.35 sec) between shots, gets you good head shot damage.

Assault Rifles

The R-301 AR

This has quickly become the best AR in our weapon category. Despite its 18 bullet loader and low damage, this automatic rifle has excellent accuracy that will allow you to quickly take down your opponents. It also has the distinction of using ammunition orange and is therefore like hybrid between an AR and a submachine gun. Ideal for close and remote combat.

Hemlok Burst AR

We have judged that this AR did not have its place higher in the classification for the simple and good reason that it is difficult to touch all its bullets with a burst in this RB game. On the other hand if you are a trigger ace, the Hemlok could allow you to inflict good damage to opponents with these 18 balls and 6 bursts per shooter. Also be aware that it is possible to select the single shot mode to make it a more accurate weapon, but this will limit you in your DPS. In short, a versatile weapon that deserves its second place.


Mastiff (legendary weapon)

This semi-automatic shotgun far outperforms its competitors. Nevertheless it is a legendary weapon very difficult to find (hot zone, or refueling). If you are lucky enough to get this shotgun that shoots 4 cartridges per magazine with 288 head damage, then consider that you are having one of the best weapons in Apex Legends.


This shotgun is by far the most powerful of the classic shotguns, but it does require a good deal to reap the full benefits. With only 6 bullets in the magazine and a mandatory reload of just over a second before each shot, you will not be allowed to make a mistake with the Peacekeeper. Nevertheless a good player armed with this shotgun will do real damage.

EVA-8 Auto

Very good alternative to the previous shotgun, this automatic rifle discharges 8 cartridges before having to reload, which will allow you to more easily hit your enemies in situation of duel.

Sniper Rifles

Kraber (Legendary Weapon)

The Kraber is the only bolt sniper of the game and it is at the same time the most powerful sniper rifle, capable of one shot an enemy with a shot to the head if the latter is not equipped with a pretty sturdy armor. However, this weapon is very rare (hot zone and refueling) and its 4 ammo make it a single-use sniper: very long-range combat out of reach of enemies.


This semi-automatic sniper rifle, after several tests, is positioned as the best sniper out of legendary weapon. If the Triple rifle had been placed in front of it at the beginning of the game, the Longbow finally regained the advantage despite slightly lower damage. Due to its excellent precision that allows it to take the advantage since in long-distance clashes, it is much more reliable than the triple rifle. Only drawback is its only 5 round magazine (which can however be modified).

G7 Scout

This weapon can be used as a single shot assault rifle. Indeed, this semi-automatic rifle has an excellent rate of fire and contains no less than 10 bullets per magazine, enough to put strong pressure on the opponent long and half distance. With a scope or a simple viewfinder, this sniper brings us back to the good memories of the M21 EBR.

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Sub Machine Guns


Although a SMG does not seem to be the best option in this game, the R-99 remains quite effective in melee battles if you have not managed to get a shotgun. With 18 bullets in the magazine and a high rate of fire, this weapon can inflict a reasonable DPS if you manage to control its recoil.