Apex Legends Unlock All Legends Stats and Trackers Guide

In Apex Legends, you can track your statistics through your banners that you can find in the section of the same name. For that: see you in the legends section, pick a legend, click banners and finally you will find three tabs Tracker that allow you to see your statistics.

However, all stats except Frags are blocked at the launch of the game, and in order to appear them on your Banner, you’ll have to unlock them with loot boxes or raw materials, the blue coin!

In all, there are 20 statistics per person, 17 of normal quality at the price of 30 raw materials and 2-3 rare at the price of 60 raw materials.

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Raw materials

Each time you climb in Apex Legends, you will win an Apex Pack that allows you to collect 3 random items, like weapons skins, legends or raw materials! You can also directly obtain stats trackers from the vaults.

You must open many chests if you want to unlock ALL statistics for all legends. To unlock them without paying, you will have to earn a LOT of XP.