All Skills and Their Benefits in TD2 - The Division 2

Those who played the beta version of The Division 2 know having the right skill can make all the difference to your game progress. In this guide, we focus on all the important skills and their advantages in combat in TD2.


Scan: This skill allows player to send an impulse to scan his surrounding to find out nearby enemies. Besides, you can use it to collect information such as SHD. There are also talents that trigger by shooting the enemies affected by the impulse!

Remote sensor: This one has the distinction of being portable, so once deployed, the pulse scans the environment continuously.

Jammer: This will deactivate enemy electronic devices such as turret. Note that you can manage the impact radius by pressing and holding it.


Assault: Optimized for offensive players with a close combat focus, this turret is capable of rotating 360 degrees to attack the nearest enemy target.

Incinerator: The one is designed to ignite and project area damage to enemies.

Sniper: This semi-automatic turret targets the same enemy as you fight in the same way as the assault turret.

Artillery: You can unlock this at level 30 and it is a specialized turret that can be deployed to launch explosive projectiles at any location of your choice. A shell is launched in an arc to a targeted position.


Stinger: Equipped with micro-drones, the Surf breaks on the hostile targets that fall within their range. They mainly target the weak points of your enemies.

Restorer: Useful when you can no longer manage your enemies, the hive reconstituting restores some of your armor and that of your allies, deploying micro-UAV repair.

Booster: This sends a micro-drone per allied player who administers them stimulants, to increase their effectiveness in combat, and improving their handling of weapons. Note that travel and their other physical abilities will also be boosted.

Reviver: Extremely useful during a very epic fight, Reviver allows as its name suggests, to revive your allies. Note that you can also hold the button to charge the micro-drones, in which case your revived allies will have health and armor benefits.

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Chem Launcher

Firestarter: With this you can send flammable gases in the form of clouds. You can activate it by shooting at it, an enemy firing inside the cloud is inflamed.

Riot Foam: This send cartridge containing riot foam that disperses on the enemy. A sticky and spreading foam on the body quickly. It stops enemies for a short time if they struggles and hardens if they let themselves.

Oxidizer: It fires a cartridge that emits a cloud of corrosive chemicals. When activated, the chemical cloud persists for a long time and effectively gnaws the armor or mechanical elements of your enemies.

Reinforcer: This shoots a projectile, sending a cloud of powder able to clog your armor. It can also be used by your squad. Ideal for support players to allow easy regeneration of your teammates.


Striker: This skill has a small supporting turret, which helps to neutralize your enemies. Once is not customary, you can control it remotely to assign a specific enemy on whom to shoot.

Defender: This defensive drone protects you by sending back enemy fire thanks to microwave blasts, creating an invisible barrier. And as the technology at its limits, each bullet intercepted gradually draining its battery. As usual you can assign it to one of your allies to help him in combat.

Bombardier: Quite useful for clearing the combat zone, this drone bombs over a long distance. Previously ordered by your Agent, your drone deploys a barrage of explosives from one end of the area to the other.

Fixer: This repairs your armor gradually during intense combat, and can also be sent to your ally in the same way as the Reviver Hive skill.

Tactician: You can unlock this from level 30, used to mark nearby enemies, the technician drone flies to the maximum altitude at a location effectively indicating their locations.

Seeker Mine

Explosive: This classic unmanned mine pursues an enemy you have chosen before, then unleashes a stunning explosion. Important to note that it has a small arming time before the explosion.

Airburst: Same principle as the above skill, this mine rolls to a designated place then launches an explosive device in the air, at the height of the heads of the enemies.

Cluster: This one contains a number of smaller charges, which, when deployed, move toward an enemy and explode. Note that they are ineffective when your target moves and they are not homing.

Mender: Can be unlocked once you reach level 30, similar to two other skills, this sends restorative chemicals. In the form of a cloud, it repairs your armor or those your allies.


Ballistic Bulwark: This allows you full coverage. However, you can only use a handgun to defend yourself.

Crusader: Same principle as for the Ballistic Wall, the only difference is that you can use main weapons (except sniper and rifles), however you will be more vulnerable because it does not protect the legs and head.

Deflector: This deflects bullets towards nearby enemy. Note that only a handgun is usable in support of this shield.


Blinder: This flaunts the defined enemies, disturbing the enemies and allowing you to gain an advantage over them.

Demolisher: This destroys the weak points of enemies, such as heavily armed enemies, turrets, the skills of enemies or even surrounding objects.

Burster: This flies to your enemies and marks them with small metal splinters, so if a marked enemy approaches too close to another enemy, it will cause a chain explosion.