Find and Join Clans in The Division 2

In Division 2, clans will be unlocked as you progress through the game. Then you can start a clan yourself, but four members are needed to run a clan in the game.

How to join a clan in The Division 2?

In Searching For Clan menu you have several options available. There you can find the right group for you. These options allow you to filter for clans that match your style of play.

The Options are as follows:

- Activities - focus on PvE, PvP or both
- Most active seasons - time of day when the clan usually plays
- Atmosphere - casual, competitive or story-driven. Here you choose your preferred style
- Microphone - Some clans require voice chat to participate
- Language - This is where clans can define their preferred spoken languages
- Region - The preferred geographic location of the clan

Alternatively, you can find clans directly on their names or see in which clans your friends play.

How to find a clan in The Division 2?

Once you select to start your own clan, first, you need to set an insignia that consists of a symbol, a background and a frame.

Next you pick a name for the new clan, consisting of four to fifteen letters. In addition, you can specify a shortcut of three letters for the clan tag in the player name.

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Then set the privacy level of your new clan. You can select from Open, Invitation only and Private (not searchable).

How does the clan system work?

The clan system in "The Division 2" divides the respective group members into four different ranks, headed by the Commander as leader of the clan.

- Commander - The leader of the clan has access to all administrative rights
- Lieutenant - This rank may send invitations, review applications, promote and demote, and moderate the clan feed
- Agent - A proven clan member can send invitations to potential applicants
- Recruit - Recruits are new clan members who have limited rights until they are promoted

Commanders and Lieutenants can look at the characters of applicants and inspect their equipment before recruiting them as new recruits.

How does the clan progress work? / Benefits of a clan

Activities for which you earn experience as a player also earn a certain amount of Clan XP (CXP). As your CXP increases, your clan can reach higher levels up to the maximum level of 30. For each ascent, the clan members receive rewards and special adornments for the Clan insignia.

So the entire clan can work towards common goals in the game. On the one hand, there are clan containers that can be successively upgraded to unlock rewards for all clan members. This requires achieving weekly CXP goals, of which there are the three levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold, each with better rewards.

On the other hand, "The Division 2" has weekly clan projects similar to those in singleplayer mode, where challenge goals have to be accumulated. The clan will then receive additional CXP.

The Clan neighborhood

In the East Wing of the White House your "The Division 2" clan has its base. There, similar to the Safe Houses, the group can meet and access the common clan camp where the weekly rewards are waiting.

In the Clan Quarters, you'll also find a special dealer who has better equipment for the higher Clan level. At a certain level it will even be possible to buy a unique headgear with the clan insignia.

There is also a display for the three members who generated the most CXP in the current week.

Leave a clan

If you want to leave a clan, go to the menu and select the tab "Clan". Here you select the middle column with the player overview and search for your name.

Choose your name with the displayed button and click in the appearing menu on the right "Clan leave." That's it.