Dance and Unlock Rewards: Division 2 Commendations Guide

One of the easiest ways to earn rearwards in The Division 2 (TD2) is to dance around with your allies or strangers.

TD 2 has a set of challenges called commendations. You can find this under the progress menu.

The Commendations are 125 tasks you can achieve in TD2. The commendations will give you virtual points (VP) that will allow you to rank up and get additional rewards / patches.

The commendations are divided into 5 categories with 25 tasks each and one of the most interesting categories is called Teamwork, where you can do some tasks together with your teammates to unlock some rewards.

- Synchronization Award: All teammates in a group of 4 must do the same move at the same time. This rewards those who improve the morale of their teammates with moments of lightness. To make move, press the down arrow key, then select a gesture with the right stick and press X (PS4).

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- Peacock Award: You must do a dance move in a public area while other agents are watching. Another agent should then also perform a dance move. Say, you have to get other agents to dance along. According to Massive, this award is given only to those who uphold morality by cheering up fellow combatants.

These are commendations for positive behavior:

- Dark Zone Medic Merit: In every Dark Zone, you must heal agents that are not in your team. A total of 5 mates per dark zone. So go out there and selflessly heal other players.

- Lifesaving Distinction: Following a foreign call for reinforcement in a major mission, revive an agent in the group and complete the target with the group without using any healing skills. According to Massive, this award is only for agents who demonstrate compassion and hold together in difficult times.

- Award for Foam Rescue: If a member of the group has been hit by sticky foam from the chem. You have to help him out.

The service category requires you a strong stamina - and promote the one or the other perhaps the long-term motivation. For example:

- Play for 12 months on 14 days a month
- Play for at least an hour every 100 days and deliver 20 resources to checkpoints
- 672 hours of in-game time
- Play for at least an hour every day for 30 consecutive days and complete one mission

Most of the other commendations refer to killing your opponent in certain ways or completing missions under certain conditions.