Recommended Skills to Unlock in The Division 2 - TD2

Our guide to The Division 2 (TD2) we’ll give you some recommendations on which skills are best get first and optimize your style of play, group or solo.

Recommended Skills to Use for Close Distance Targets

If you like face to face combat or to protect your teammates, you should unlock these skills.

- Ballistic Bulwark Shield: You can use this skill to face enemies directly and you are completely protected but the disadvantage is that you can only use a handgun here. However, you can draw your enemies' attention so that other team members can shoot the enemies from a safe distance.

- Pulse Scan: You can use this to send an impulse and scan your surroundings. The Pulse Scan allows you an aggressive approach without running into the risk of being covertly surrounded by the enemy. You see them earlier.

Best Skills to Use for Medium Distances Target

Unlock these skills: If you want to be a flexible player who doesn’t have complete melee or ranged combat skills, the following skills are recommended.

- Cluster Seeker Mine: This skill split in three search dates, becoming a deadly surprise to your enemies when deployed

- Drone: The drone can save your life. You can use them to attack your opponents while you retreat or use them for defense or as a repair drone.

Best Skills for Long Distance Targets

For ranged combat you can unlock the following skills that support your style of play.

- Hive skills: You cannot throw this skill far but it has other exciting variants for you. For example, try the Restorer (Drone skill), which will revive your allies while you stay safe.

- Assault Turret: When enemies (especially melee opponents) make it through to you, you can set up a gun that will automatically fire, deflect, and protect you.

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Best skills top use for solo agents and agents in the team

Recommended Skills for Solo Agents:

- Assault Turret: In The Division 2 you are often flanked by enemies. Overrun them, it is beneficial if you have extra firepower. The Assault Turret automatically targets nearby enemy targets and distracts them from you.

- Crusader Shield: This skill protects most of your body and thus repels a great deal of incoming damage, yet you can use all of the primary weapons. You can activate it quickly so that it can save your life in many situations.

Recommended Skills for Agents in the Team:

- Reviver - Hive skill: In case if your teammates are down and you cannot reach them without having to leave the protective cover? Then your allies will be happy if you have this skill that can revive them.

- Restorer - Drone skill: Your allies will be happy about this skill as well. Because this drone repairs the armor of the nearby allies so that they can go back directly into the battle again.

Keep in mind that these recommendations may not be the best choice for all agents. So you better check out our complete TD2 skill guide.