Division 2 TD2 Unlock All Trophies - Achievements Guide

The holders of Gold and Ultimate editions of the Tom Clancy's The Division 2 (TD2) will get exclusive Early Access to the game today. So it is not too late to show you the complete list of Trophies and Achievements of the game.

There are a total of 43 trophies to be unlocked Platinum 1, Silver 5, Gold 4 and Bronze 33 including 12 hidden trophies. The Achievements of TD 2 is available below.


Platinum Agent - Unlock every Trophy in TD2


Dark Zone: Blackout Hijack: Hijack an extraction in any Dark Zone during a blackout.
King of the Skill: Equip yourself with each skill and use it.
Best of the Best: Get every kind of improvement available for specialization.
Taste of the Exotic: Make an item or an exotic weapon.
Into the Wilderness: Attack the Pariah Fortress on Roosevelt Island (Hidden)


Next Level Operative: Reach level 30.
Undressed to Kill: Destroy each protective element of a Tank and then eliminate it.
Hard as Nails: Complete all missions on hard difficulty or above.
State of the Union: Drive the True Sons out of the Capitol building. (Hidden)

Division 2, TD2, Unlock All Trophies, Achievements Guide


Dress to Impress: Equip yourself with quality materials (or higher) in each location.
Project Management: Complete a project for Campus and Theater refuges.
Specialized: Equip yourself with your first specialization.
Crafty Collector: Collect 20 drawings.
For posterity - Photo Mode: Take a photo of a group of 4 agents.
Strength in Numbers: Create a clan or join one.
Arrow to the Knee: Shoot 10 enemies in the leg with a crossbow.
Autograph Hunter: Defeat an enemy with each specific weapon (crossbow, sniper rifle and grenade launcher).
Big Game Hunter: Complete a bounty from each safe house.
Clan War: With your clan, confront another clan in conflict.
Pre-eminence: Win a skirmish or domination match.
Dark Zone - Attack: Defeat an agent disavowed in each Dark Zone.
Dark Zone - extraction: Extract an object from each Dark Zone.
Resourceful Agent: Help friends collect materials.
Patchwork: Get 10 patches from commendations.
Negative Ramos! : Electrocute enemy doctors by shooting at their defibrillator.
TV Cop: Slip on a car hood.
Suits You, Sir!: Collect a color of cards in the open world.
Help me! : Send a request for backup.
Friend in need: Respond to a request for help from an agent and provide revive.
Group Therapy: Take a group checkpoint without anyone being downed.
Command and Control: Discover 20 checkpoints in Washington.
Rebuilding DC: Fully upgrade all settlements.

Hidden (Browns)

Dark Zone - Safe House: Access a hidden hideout in a Dark Zone. (Hidden)
Strategic Extraction: Capture the chief strategist of the Outcasts at the Potomac Event Center.
Season Ticket: Eliminate the Hyena council in the District Union Arena.
Getting the Word Out: Seize control of the ViewPoint Museum from the True Sons.
Global Communications: Restore the SHD satellite network at the Space Administration headquarters.
Jailbreak: Collect interrogation data from the Museum of American History.
Sick Note: Disable the Outcasts at the DCD headquarters.
Bunker Buster: Collect crucial SHD network hardware from the federal emergency bunker.
Opening the vault: Find out what the Hyenas took from Air Force One.
Checking In: Save Eleanor Sawyer from the Hyenas in the Grand Washington Hotel.