Fast Travel and Locations Guide: The Division 2 (TD2)

To travel quickly from one place to another in The Division 2 (TD2) map, you can use the Fast Travel system. However, only few locations are available and that you have to unlock first.

This is how the Fast Travel works in TD2

If you play the previous game TD1, then you already know how this system works. Simply select the location you want to visit and then hold down the square / X / mouse button to travel.

You can visit the following areas using Fast Travel system:

- To White House, your base of operations.
- To settlements such as theater, campus, etc.
- Certain control points or checkpoints (red flag icon) become high speed points after you take them. You then change the color to green.
- You can visit to the starting points of major missions that you have discovered or completed.

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At each of these locations, the button for the fast travel feature will appear at the lower left corner of the map screen, and you can then travel quickly. You should always take control points nearby if you pass them to unlock them as a high-speed point. Incidentally, discovering the checkpoints also earns trophies and achievements in The Division 2.
Even if you are in the team, this system is useful. Outside of combat, you can always teleport directly to your companions, but in a fight this is no longer possible.