Gambit Prime Vs Regular Gambit: Destiny 2 Guide and Tips

Gambit Prime is a new mode available now exclusively for season 6, season pass holders in Destiny 2. Gambit Prime requires good tactics and team play to win.

Difference Between Normal Gambit and Gambit Prime

- In Gambit Prime you’ll get only a single round and it is much longer than a regular Gambit round.
- Banked 100 motes instead on 75 to summon a Primeval
- The Primeval Boss is initially immune to your damage.
- Kill witches to create a light. Stand in the well to gain a buff so you can do damage to the primal timer. The witches are marked with red symbols.
- Each time the portal opens, you can teleport to the enemies as invaders. Kill your enemy guardian, this heals the primeval. Since the Primeval phase lasts longer than in the regular Gambit, many invasions are possible.

How to get Gambit Prime Armor with Synths?

Select a role in Gambit Prime and quickly find the new armor for it. The armor sets grant important bonuses in Gambit Prime.

There are 4 rolls that unlock 4 perks with the appropriate armor sets: Reaper, Sentry, Collector and Invader.

How to Unlock the Perks?

The more armor pieces in a set you wear, the more Gambit Prime Armor Perks become active.

Each armor sets give you a certain number of points and each perk has a point threshold that you must go over to unlock it. Your focus should initially be on finishing a complete set, as this will give you enough points and thus all perks.

The effect of synths on the perks: If you want to combine the armor sets into a hybrid build (with exotics or other sets) and still unlock all the perks, special synths are at your disposal.

This is how you get synths: You get the synths from daily raids for Gambit Prime and Daily Civic Prime Raids in Drifter. About the latter raids you come to synths outside of the new Gambit mode.

This is how you get the Gambit Prime armor with synths: You will also need synths to get the new armor pieces. So the synths have two different purposes in Destiny 2.

Kill Primeval, Destiny 2 Guide

This will trick you into a synthesizer that you get from the drifter after a short quest line to create special motes. The synthesized motes pepper you at the beginning of a billing round in the bank in front of the pit. If you win the round then you will receive a corresponding armor set.

Tips to use motes effectively in Gambit Prime

A new feature in Gambit Prime is that you can take out motes from your opponent's bank. There must be two blockers on the enemy side. Use clever strategies to allow blockers to remove motes for as long as possible.

If you send only a small blocker, that brings little. He is defeated quickly. Instead, summon multiple blockers simultaneously to inflict as much damage as possible on the opponent.

This blocker combo is recommended: Try to send two small blockers (5 motes each) and two middle blockers (10 motes each) more or less simultaneously.

Blocker types available in Season 6

- The Little Blocker is a Taken Goblin. It has less health than the previous phalanx, but can protect other blockers (5 motes)
- The Medium-sized Blocker is a Taken Captain who comes with shield and good health (10 motes)
- The Large Blocker is a Taken Knight with more health than the previous Ogre (15 motes)
- Collectors can send huge blockers (20 motes).

Match your weapons to your role

For example, if you play the collector, you can choose an aggressive style of playing with a shotgun. Because the motes you pick up give it an overshield and even if you die, you drop some of your motes so they can be collected and not lost.

Quickly defeat the primeval in Gambit Prime

The streamer Gladd recommended the following strategy: As a weapon, he recommends the Wardcliff Coil Exotic Rocket Launcher. In addition, you should not waste all your power ammunition right in the first Well of Light phase. In the first phase, only do some damage to the boss - so it's not too tragic for invaders to heal the boss again.