Gear Score Improvement Guide in The Division 2

As you progress through The Division 2 TD2, you'll encounter more and more difficult enemies and challenging missions. So having more powerful weapons or high gear score will help you to progress quickly in TD2.

In TD2 difficulty levels (after level 30), you need to overcome several enemy strongholds that require higher gear score and each time you complete one, the level of enemies and the rest of the game will increase.

Here are the 4 steps currently available in TD2, it is easy to get the required gear score from the map

- World Tier 1: Maximum possible gear score: 300 and gear score required for the fortress: 275
- World Tier 2: Maximum: 350 and Required: 325
- World Tier 3: Maximum: 400 and Required: 375
- World Tier 4: Maximum: 450 and Required: 425

Only the main equipped gear parts are taken into account to calculate the gear score, this means, your main weapon, the secondary, the extra weapon, the mask, the bag, the vest, the knee pads and gloves.

It seems that the skill modules and modules added on the gear are NOT taken into account.

Gear Score Improvement, The Division 2, TD2 Guide

Increase your gear score

You should know that the score of the items you will find will almost always be a few levels higher than your current gear score - within the limits of the World Tier you are in. The best way to increase your gear score is to make your notions of optimization and consistency and your preferences second and to equip the objects with the highest possible score, even if they are objectively worse than lower-level alternatives. This can be annoying for weapons, if it forces you to use weapons of a type you don’t like, but rest assured that this sacrifice will be amply and quickly rewarded.

Here are some useful tips to increase your gear score:

- The bonuses are fantastic, they quickly make it possible to obtain many yellow objects with a high score. You can also select certain bonuses that have a reward of a specific type, such as a rifle-type gun. Remember to start the matchmaking to do them if you are alone. Finally, Jared Nash, the informant, will also suggest high value targets.
- Dark Zones are much easier alternatives if you have a group of friends to play with.
- Field caches obtained every time you get experience guarantee high level equipment regularly.
- Shelter merchants and the hidden merchant sell high-level gear.
- Realizing projects will sometimes earn you yellow equipment.
- Unfortunately, craftsmanship is NOT a good alternative as crafted gear is always late in terms of score.