Get all Curated Weapons in Destiny 2 Gambit Prime

Curated Weapons in Destiny 2 Gambit Prime mode are special versions of standard weapons but come with fixed, predefined perk sets. Some of them are highly in-demand after perk combinations that can only be acquired with good luck or through lengthy fight.

While there's a total of 10 new curated Gambit-Prime-style weapons, only four of them are currently available through the Gambit Prime mode:

The Submachine Gun (SMG) - Bug-Out Bag
The Sniper Rifle - Sole Survivor
The Hand Cannon - Spare Rations
The Shotgun - Last Man Standing

Other curated weapons from the Gambit Prime arsenal, such as the Night Watch and Scout will drop in Tier 2 Reckoning.

Some players have discovered a method to get these weapons easily. For this you have to perform certain actions on Gambit Prime, which reward you in return with a certain item, a so-called synth.

Each of the different synth types is bound to one of the four roles of Gambit Prime and requires specific actions for it to drop. For each match, you have the chance of only one of these special synths - depending on what role you take and what you do first.
Remember, once you complete a task and get a specific synth, you’ll not receive any other synths in the current match. Concentrate on just one task while farming and avoid specifically doing other tasks "on the side".

Because if one of the synths drops for you, you also have the chance of the corresponding Curated Roll - and only on this. If you don’t get a curated weapon when you receive the synth, the coincidence was probably not your friend and you have to try it in the next match.

By the way: The following methods are probably not the only way to get these Curated  weapons. Some players report having apparently received them differently. However, this system is considered tried and has already been confirmed by numerous guardians.

How to unlock Submachine Gun (SMG) - Bug-Out Bag:

Destiny 2, Curated  Bug-Out-Bug, SMG Guide, Gambit Prime

To get the corresponding synth, it's important to take a high-level target. It is enough to shoot this opponent. Even if your team does the rest, this synth can drop.

Unlock Sniper Rifle - Sole Survivor:

To get the synth you need to get the medal Army of One. Specifically, this means that as an invader you must kill all 4 members of the enemy team during an invasion. It also drops the curated version of the Gambit Prime sniper.

Destiny 2, Sniper Rifle, Sole Survivor, Gambit Prime

Unlock The Hand Cannon (Spare Rations)

For this hand Cannon you have to prove yourself as a collector. Because if you want the Collector Synth and have a chance on the emergency ration, you have to hand in 50 motes to the bank during a Gambit Prime match.

 Destiny 2,  The Hand Cannon, Spare Rations, Gambit Prime

Unlock The Shotgun - Last Man Standing

For this weapon you have to take on the role of guardian. In order to get the Guardian synth and a chance at the curated version of the shotgun, you must kill 5 blockers in a prime match.

Shotgun, Last Man Standing, Destiny 2, Gambit Prime

Note: You must give them the decisive death blow. Should one of your team mates kill the blocker that doesn’t count for your progress en route to the Guardian synth.