Guide to Join or Leave a Group in The Division 2

In The Division 2 (TD2), you can invite your friends to join your group and you also have the option to leave the existing group. In this guide, we’ll give you step-by-step guide to start a  group and enjoy playing co-op and share loot.

To join / create a group press the Options button (PS4) or the Menu button (Xbox One) and select the Social Tab in the menu on the left.

With the left click you can pick friends with whom you want to play in co-op. Press X or A to get more options.

Select "Invite in Group" to Join Group.

The number of friends you can invite is limited to four. However, in the future there will be raids that you complete with a group of eight friends.

To leave a group, you should return to the menu by pressing the Options or Menu button.

Then go back to "Social" where you see your active team at the top. Go on your own name and select "Leave group." You leave the co-op session and return to your world.

Join A Group, Leave a Group, The Division 2

Progress in co-op sessions

Now you are sure to wonder what progress is saved when playing in co-op. There is no co-op campaign in the classic sense, but you can do all the missions and activities for two or more players.

Even if you complete a major mission in a friend's world, you will receive all experience and rewards. If you return to your instance, the main mission will disappear from the map, so you cannot play it again unless you choose a higher difficulty level.