Liberty D50: Exotic Weapon Crafting Guide in The Division 2

In The Division 2 (TD2), you’ll get a chance to get hold of your first exotic weapon after facing Kendra and completing the campaign. Here you’ll get your first exotic component of the game called Trigger and Mechanism. With that you have to go and collect four other pieces in addition to the crafting material.

To get the other pieces of the Exotic you have to face the Black Tusk and complete three missions on the Hard difficulty mode in the following order:

- American History Museum: Defeat Captain Briggs to get Pistol - Receiver and Paint Job.
- Viewpoint Museum: Defeat Sergeant Carl Wade to get Pistol - Sight and Rail
- Space Administration Headquarters: Defeat Steve Junior Quiroz to get Pistol - Grip and Tags and the Liberty Blueprint.

Now you need the D50 pistol to upgrade, this you can get in the Potomac Event Center mission however it is a random item.

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Bonus / Talents of The Exotic Weapon

By crafting Liberty today with the best workshop, your Liberty will not exceed an Gear Score of 440. This is however a weapon of fist with colossal damage, which can in addition be increased by one of the skills of the Survivalist specialization.

Bonus / Talents

- Liberty: You’ll get + 100% damage to enemy electronic devices. Aiming allows you to see weak spots and highlighted features.
- Blind Justice: Destroying a weak point or device increases the damage of the next shot by 500%. After destroying a weak point, a shot to the head is recommended.
- Independence: In holster, destroy weak points refills 20% of the weapon’s journal.