Ring Demon Bell Location and Bonuses Guide: Sekiro SDT

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you get a chance to increase the difficulty and get better loot by finding and ringing the Demon Bell. Follow our guide and find out how to activate or deactivate this hard difficulty mode.

To get to the Demon Bell, first you must find and kill Chained Ogre boss in Ashina Outskirts, there you’ll also encounter several enemies, Great Serpent as well as Sculptor’s Idol. Close to the general you’ll find a small wooden house on the cliff, on which there is a warning message about the invincible monster: the Headless, a semi-boss terribly difficult but optional. Follow the path to reach him, use the grapple on a branch, then jump to hold on to a ledge. Walk down on the platform below and enter the cave of the monster. You don’t need to face the headless, go around and look for the farthest side of his cave, there is a narrow passage in the rock, which leads to a secret passage.

Once you reach other side of the passage you’ll encounter some enemies, kill them with claws, then follow the path to reach the bell.

Ring the Demon Bell or Not?

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Here, there is an inscription warning you that ringing the bell is a bad idea. The reason is that it will make the enemies more powerful. But, enemies will begin to drop valuables like Iron, Divine Confetti etc. So that you can use them to increase your item reserves, or you can use specific items for particular fights, like the confetti mentioned above, as they are required for the spectral enemies. Plus, you can easily turn off this difficulty level.

Turn Off Demon Bell Difficulty Level in Sekiro SDT

You have to open your inventory and select this item to stop its effects. If you want to benefit again, you simply have to teleport to the Idol near the bell to ring it again.