Solo Player Build, Skill and Weapon Tips: The Division 2

The Division 2 (TD2) allows you to play alone but unlike Co-op multiplayer, in single player mode you have to take some extra precautions to survive and progress in the game. So having the right skill and weapon are crucial to your success in TD2.

Recommend Skills for Solo Players

We recommend the use of Chem Launcher (Works up to 3 shots, with a reasonable cooldown time) and Drone Striker (This helps to neutralize your opponents besides you can control remotely to select the target at the touch of a button, as these two skills are most effective against enemies.

Recommend Weapons for Solo Players

The exotic weapons are obviously the best pick in TD2 single player mode. Here are some useful tips to help you make your choice:

- The worst thing that can happen to you in a battle against enemies in TD2 is to be surrounded. Pay close attention to the threat circle on the radar and avoid letting the enemies overflow you to the sides.

Solo Player Build, Skill, Weapon Tips, The Division 2, TD2

- Advance cautiously: a well-placed grenade can do enough damage to your enemies. Another, more tactical, approach is to analyze the arena and find a good sniper spot.
- Make more "inventory breaks" than in a group and constantly update your equipment to better manage the blows and to come more quickly over your opponents.

Here are some useful tips that will help you enjoy the solo play:

- Target for weak points of enemies quickly. A successful shot on these is indicated by a yellow circle on the screen.
- Listen to the recordings and watch the echoes of the map for more details on the context of the game.
- Go to the nearest hideout and search for all SHD caches in order to make a good stock of points for the skill. This will allow you to better explore the areas and enjoy the many secret passages they offer.
- Checkpoints are excellent sources of experience and loot
- Side missions of the game pass very well solo besides, they generally allow unlocking new blueprints.