TD2 Tips: Farm Cross, Phantom, Death and Diamond Masks

This simple method will allow you to farm several Masks: the Phantom, Cross, the Death and the Diamond masks at once in The Division 2.

- For this to work first you should have a better gear score, especially if you are a solo player. In this case, it is better to take 4 hunters.

- Before starting the fight, make sure that there are no other enemies around you and your path is clear so that patrol enemies will not attack you in the middle of a fight.

- This quest is done at night exclusively. Allow a few minutes to complete it.

To start the fight you need to go northeast of East Mall, north of a checkpoint in the night. You will come across a large Christmas tree in the center of a circular park. Climb the stairs to enter the nearby shop and trigger the lever on one of the corners of the counter. Then go around the Christmas tree several times, until 3 hunters appear. The 4th appears a little away from the zone of combat, it will be necessary to pass the zone with the fine comb to find it.

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Fight against these hunters requires a barrage of abilities, grenades and bullets, and the best thing to do is probably to run away and take cover from a distance to kill the hunters one by one. The fact that the area is in the wilderness and that there are many enemies and hunters makes it complicated and confusing. The important thing is to remember that there are a total of 4 hunters to kill to have 4 masks.