The Division 2 Tips: Kill Bosses Get Keys, Open Ivory Chest

As you progress through The Division 2 (TD2), you’ll stumble upon a mysterious chest in the White House that contains valuables such as powerful weapon, Hunter’s axe and weapon skin. To unlock this secret box you’ll need to get 8 ivory keys by killing end-game bosses of the game.

There are 12 endgame bosses that you’ll have to kill to get these keys. However, you’ll not find them until you reach at least World Tier 1 (level 30 and Complete Capitol Stronghold). Besides, killing all these bosses does not guarantee the drop of all 8 ivory keys.

Beware, the higher your World Tier is, the higher the risk of seeing very dangerous opponents. We recommend that you increase your gear score and try everything in WT1 or 2 to be as serene as possible.

Hunters are not elites like the others. To win, you will need to have many specialization points used, good weapons, etc. Solo is however quite possible, but not recommended at low level.

TD 2 Tips, Kill Bosses, Get Keys, Open Ivory Chest

When you are in the hunter area but you have already completed the battle, try to answer a call from the corner to redo the confrontation and attempt a new key drop.

All quests must be completed after dark on the map.

Secret White House Chest Location

The Division 2, Ivory Chest Location

Once you have all 8 Ivory Keys go to the WH and to the stylist mirror, there you’ll find this secret chest just like many other weapons boxes of the game.