Unarmed Hand To Hand Melee Combat Guide in Apex Legends

Survive in the beginning of Apex Legends is quite it's challenging. Mastering hand to hand combat skills can save your life until you find weapons. In this guide we’ll show you how to maximize your melee combat skills so you don’t lose face to face fights.

All Apex Legends players know this moment, when you land you’ll end up facing enemies on the ground, without weapons it’s difficult survive and you have a 50% chance of losing the battle.

The Youtuber Skeltano has found a way to increase your typing rate. It's important to note that in Apex Legends, there are three different keystrokes. By default, you will perform a direct punch, if you slide, your character will opt for an uppercut while if you jump or you are in the air, it will be a kick. But no matter what hit you make, it will automatically inflict 30 damages.

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Unarmed, Hand To Hand, Melee Combat Guide, Apex Legends

In his tutorial, Skeltano explains that the kick is faster than the punch, and makes a comparison of the two to demonstrate the difference. Indeed, while he performs a set of 10 kicks, for the same time, he makes only 8 punches. This trick will allow you to take a clear advantage over your opponents.