Why You Need Coins and Shards in Anthem

Coins and Shards are the two currencies available in Anthem. With them you can buy cosmetic items for your heroes. You can earn coins in different ways. However, Shards you have to buy for real money and all cosmetics you purchased with Shards have only visual effect and don’t offer a gameplay advantage.

On the other hand, Coins have another benefit besides cosmetics: you can use them in crafting ingredients to make new weapons and skills for your javelin. It's worth having a lot of them - even if cosmetic upgrades are not that important to you.

The most effective and easy ways to farm coins in Anthem

Play the Anthem campaign, so you can get lots of coins without extra effort. You collect them on the way by completing missions, defeating bosses and opening chests.

Complete challenges

The challenge system of "Anthem" is a bit difficult to understand, but rewarding. Summary: Whenever you embark on an expedition, you can perform various tasks - defeating certain enemies, opening crates, collecting materials or discovering new areas. Pending challenges and their rewards can be seen in the Cortex menu at any time.

Perform daily, weekly and monthly tasks

Similar to the classical ones, the daily, weekly and monthly challenges also work - but they are limited in time. You can find them in the Cortex under "Path to Glory". Daily Challenges will bring you a smaller amount of coins, for weekly you will get more coins and also crafting materials. Monthly challenges meanwhile reward you with rare crafting materials instead of coins - but they are also useful, so take them with you!

Earn Coins, Farm Shards, Anthem

Complete agent’s missions and contracts

In addition to the main story, there are three side quests in "Anthem" that you can do for Brin, Yarrow and Matthias. These so-called agent contracts often bring you a bit of money in addition to loot. Once you've completed the quest lines, you can complete Legendary Contracts in the Endgame, which consist of randomly generated mission fragments.

Use the alliance system

The alliance system in "Anthem" will offer you small amount of money each week, without you having to do anything (except games). The special feature is that the amount not only gets higher when you are playing, but also when players play on your friends list. All in all, you can earn a maximum of 4,000 coins a week.

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