Beat Level 35 Secret Hunter Boss Guide: The Division 2

In The Division 2 (TD 2), you’ll encounter several hunter bosses and this particular secret elite boss you’ll find at level 35.

This boss is very destructive and his attacks recreate the behavior of other players, so it is better to reach him when you hit the level stop, after having started the title endgame.

To find this Level 35 secret Hunter boss you have to go to the west of Potomac Park. There you’ll find a small hut. You can enter it through the window, then you have to go down some stairs to locate a map that marks a specific point.

Level 35, Secret Hunter Boss, Guide, Defeat Elite Boss, The Division 2

That point is located east of the Lincoln Memorial. In that area you will see an isolated bulb hanging over a pond. If you shoot it, the Hunter will come out and this can only be done at night.

In order to defeat Level 35 secret Hunter boss, it is advisable to go well prepared, filling in the armor kits and acquiring armor repair skills, since the Hunter makes the offensive abilities practically useless.