Challenges and Combat System in HP Wizards Unite

To start a challenge in Harry Potter Wizards Unite (HPWU), you should have runes. The more powerful rune you have, the higher the rewards and difficulty you’ll get in the game.

Prior to begin the challenge, you’ll get some waiting time during which your friends can join you.

Once the challenge is started, you’ll get a new screen. At the top in the middle, you find the name of your character and in the top right you’ll find the number of enemies to defeat to win this challenge. So you'll understand, you have to defeat the number of enemies indicated at the top right to complete the challenge.

In the middle of the screen, you will find the number of opponents to defeat and at the bottom you will find locked boxes that represent your skills as well as a focus gauge. The focus gauge will allow you to launch your skills. It fills up by defeating your enemies or using potions.

Combat System

You will arrive in front of your opponent as the picture above. Once you stand face to face with enemy, you’ll see an interface in which there will be the life bar of your character as well as that of the enemy. In addition, there will be a timer of 5 minutes to complete the fight. Now let's talk about game mechanics.

If you want to attack your opponent, it will be necessary to aim the round located on a part of his body for a certain time. Once this time has passed, you’ll need to represent the movement that is described on your screen with your finger. Once you have managed to do this, your attack will launch and you will deal damage to your opponent.


To defend against enemy attacks, you just need to perform the movement described on your screen with your finger. This is the Protego spell. If you succeed, you will defend yourself otherwise you will lose a larger amount of your life. Defending yourself doesn’t completely stop the damage received.

Once an opponent defeated, you advance in the challenge to face another enemy.