Conan Exiles: Play Offline and Get Started Guide

Conan Exiles can be played offline on both console and computer. However, since this is an open world survival game, many players enjoy join up with other players online.

Play Conan Exiles Offline / Single Player / Solo on Console

To play Conan Exiles offline on game console is very simple. All you have to do is select the single-player mode, review the character selection options and each time the game asks you if you want to switch to multiplayer mode or stay offline, you should select stay offline.

Play Conan Exiles Offline on Computer

To play Conan Exiles offline on a PC is much more complex and you need a mod that you must install at your own risk. This mod is accessible through Reddit.

Here are some useful tips to get started in the Conan Exiles

- Guide to Save Conan Exiles Single Player Game Progress: In this game, you will die a lot and therefore it is recommended that you save in what location of the map you have died to be able to recover the equipment later. There are three spawn locations: desert, bedroll and bed. Here it’s better to have a bed so that you can return there.

- You should not carry all your valuables because if your character dies you can end up losing them forever. So once you have a house, leave all the items in it and only carry the essentials with you.

- Build your Stats: As you advanced in the game, your character you will get points that you can assign to the stats. The stats that must always be very high are strength, vitality and load. Strength allows making more powerful attacks, vitality gives more health and load will enable us to carry more items on top.

- East and drink is important: it is essential that you take enough food and water so that you don’t suffer unexpected deaths.

Conan Exiles, Play Offline, Get Started Guide

Water is quite to find because there are many lakes, rivers and streams scattered on the map, but food is difficult. While for food you can make use of small larvae or bugs that you can ingest, most of the foods that are worthwhile require cooking. So don’t forget to cook all the food if you don’t want to be intoxicated.

- It is important to build a house and a bed: It is quite simple to have your own house in the game. What you must do is build a house as soon as possible, but starting with a simple one and you will have time to get a better one. Houses are worth to protect us from enemies, prevent us from stealing and store valuable items.

Don’t forget to put a bed in your house, since it acts as a return point after your death. Note that some beds have limited uses.

- Try making friends: In a world as dangerous as that of Conan Exiles it is not always easy to make friends, but it is possible. Always try to team up with other users when appropriate, but don’t trust them either because at any time they can end your life by keeping valuable items.

- Unlock experienced Survivalist recipe: You will have many recipes throughout the game to unlock, but the first you must get is the Experienced Survivalist. Thanks to it you can unlock the fire and cook those foods that we have talked about before.

- You need a lot of storage space: It is essential that you build enough storage space, and for this you will need a bigger house. Realize that there are many recipes that you can make and many of them require a large number of materials that you can only keep if you have previously stored them.

- Venerate the god: Build a sanctuaries sop that you can venerate the god you choose. These places will offer us very interesting and useful articles. The downside of these sanctuaries is that they require a lot of resources to build them, but they end up being worth it.

- Kill all monsters so that you can level up steadily and make your character stronger.

- Don’t skip the tutorial: To have an adequate knowledge, don’t skip the missions that are available in the menu. All act as a tutorial that will invite you to perform different actions. Although many of them are very simple to make, do not skip it.

- Raw materials are always important: Even if you see lots of raw materials scattered around and you think you will not need them, you should always carry or have stored a considerable amount of all the raw materials of the game, such as branches, stones or vegetable fibers.