Guide to Use Respawn Van in Fortnite

In Fortnite Battle Royal, you can use the Respawn Van to bring your team member back to life at any point in the game. In this guide we’ll show you how this works?

How Respawn Van Operates?

- Reboot Card: When your team member is killed, he drops a Reboot card that can be collected by other team members.
- You have a minute and a half to collect Reboot Card after falling to the ground.
- Pickup time: 0.5 s.
- By bringing Reboot Card to a Respawn Van, all team members whose cards have been collected will be brought back to the battlefield.
- Reboot cards can be made to a Respawn Van by any member of the team, regardless of who picked them up.
- Interaction duration: 10 s.
- Respawn Vans have a recovery time. They are unavailable for two minutes after use.
- Save crew members return with: 100 HP, 1 common gun, 36 light ammunition and 100 wood units.

Guide, Use Respawn Van, Fortnite

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Useful Tips

- Using a vehicle consumes time and makes noise, you will be vulnerable during this time so consider building to protect yourself.
- Using a van disables it for a while but the van will eventually reactivate, if another team has already used the nearest van and you don’t want to cross the map to find another, you can just wait.
- Van covered by the storm still works, sometimes taking some damage in the storm is worth it to save you team members.
- Save members come back almost without any equipment, think about sharing your weapons!