Red Dead Redemption 2: Escape Saint Denis Slum Ambush

You may have already encountered the Ambush of the woman in the Saint Denis Slum Saloon in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). If you play as Arthur or as John, then you have to follow different procedures to escape from her trap.

Play as Arthur

If you play as Arthur and you visit the Saint Denis Slum Saloon, you must wait for the moment where there is a woman there.

Her appearance will depend on the time of day. If she’s not there then you can kill time inside by listening to the pianist play or you can come back later. It seems that the woman who tends the ambush appears randomly at various times of the day.

Don’t worry, because when the right woman appears, she will address you with a series of words to entice you to follow her to the back of the building.

Once the Arthur goes through the back door of the room he will be ambushed by a series of thugs. In this case you cannot do anything given that it is an automatic scene where the woman will open the door to the rear area where three thugs are waiting for us.

If you want to get good loot from each of them, then you can hit a clean punch. Although they are looters, their intelligence is not very high because they will attack you one by one with what you can eliminate them with some patience. Once you have eliminated them you can loot their bodies to obtain some rewards.

Play as John

RDR2, Saint Denis, Excape Slum Ambush

You can follow the same procedure as above, visit the Saint Denis slum saloon and wait for the woman who invites you to the rare side of the building. The difference with Arthur is that John is much more careful and will ask the woman several times because he doesn’t trust her. Well, when the woman gets tired of waiting, she will leave through the back door and no sequence of the ambush will be triggered. At this point you can return to the saloon area to avoid falling into any ambush or if you are brave enough then go out and face the bad guys.

You can do exactly the same and face these thugs but this time it's best to run away. They will follow you for a large part of the map, so it is recommended that you take a horse to escape within your reach.

As you have seen, it is possible to escape the Ambush of the woman from the Slum Saloon of Saint Denis in RDR 2.