Anno 1800 Tips: Increase Income and Balance Your Economy

Money plays an important role in Anno 1800, and the account balance shows the success of your style of play.

In the top left corner, you'll find three symbols that show your money status.

- The first symbol ($) shows how much money is currently available to you. This figure is always changing as you are constantly generating revenue and expenses.

- The next symbol shows your current income and expenses. A negative figure will cause your balance to drop and bankrupt in the long term.

- The third symbol shows the number of residents and they have a direct impact on your earnings as they pay taxes. The more residents you have, the higher the revenue you’ll gain.

Earning from Your Population

You won’t make money from every house you build. For example a farmhouse will get you 4 coins under the medium income settings but you won’t earn much after all their basic needs are met. This is where the luxury needs come into play. They increase the satisfaction of your people and bring you higher tax revenues.

So if the farmers have a nearby pub where they can get liquor, you will earn another 4 coins from the house.

So for a favorable balance you should build many houses and cover the needs. But make sure that you don’t build too many, but only what your population needs.

Upgrade Your Population Level

If a house is at max capacity and all basic needs are covered, then you need to upgrade the house to reach the next level of the people. The next level of the population has new requirements but also retains the needs of the pre-stage.

The demand is increasing and also the tax revenues. A workers' house will bring you a maximum of 42 coins. Here we want to recommend the beer as a good source of income. The working class rewards you with "only" 11 coins. When the workers become craftsmen, you’ll get 34 tax coins / credit thanks to the beer and it is extremely easy to produce compared to other luxury goods.

You may now think that you can farm money by simply "spamming" farmhouses and making the required products. This doesn’t work, because this is where the Royal Taxes come into play. Once you've crossed the 1000 farmers limit, you'll have to pay taxes for more farmers. At some point, the whole thing is a minus business, so you’ll have to upgrade.

Earn Revenue from Trading

You can make money from selling goods to other players but for this you need trading rights. You must work through diplomacy by improving relationships. However, there is always one player on the map who is well-disposed to you from the beginning. Try to track him down to get trading rights early.

Once you have trading rights, players can visit you to buy the goods they need. If you click on your account, all your goods will be displayed to you. Here you can determine how many goods should remain with you and how many can be sold.

Note that a trade only occurs when a player has a need for good and wants to pay for his need by buying. Here, don’t expect too much sales, but you should not miss these revenues.

Anno 1800 Tips, Increase Income, Sell Ships

Sell Ships

A very good option for making a lot of money is selling ships. Just send the ship that you want to sell to a friendly team member. Once the ship has reached the port, you have to dial it. In the pop-up menu, you must then click on the $ symbol to get an offer. Very good money is usually paid for ships.

Buy Shares and Islands

As soon as you have discovered the islands of your fellow players and look at them, you can click on a circle symbol at the top of the screen to open the menu for the shares. The circle consists of 5 shares, which are quite expensive. But it's worth it, because in the long term you will get a decent boost in revenue. However, keep in mind that the players don’t happy when you buy their shares.

By the way, if you buy all their shares, you are free to buy the island completely. This is really expensive but it also causes you to defeat them directly.