Farm Heartseekers and Hunt Pass Level Up Guide: Dauntless

In Dauntless, you can level up your hunt pass by farming Heart Seekers and having 100 of them will raise you a level in the hunt pass. There are 50 hunt pass levels (Season 5) to climb and is replaced by a new one each season. To reach the maximum level you need to have a total of 5000 Heart Seekers.

Here, we’ll show you the best and most efficient ways to farm Heart Seekers in Dauntless

Complete Death Mark Daily Quest in Ramsgate

Every day you can complete 10 Deathmark Daily quests in Ramsgate (they are the red glittering throwing knives with banners that you can find anywhere in the city) and get 5 heart seekers each, in total you’ll gain 50. This corresponds to half level of your hunt pass and is the easiest way to earn this currency daily.

However, they appear randomly on the map and the locations of the Deathmarks change every day and vary from player to player. They are never well hidden and after a few minutes in Ramsgate you’ll be able to find them quite easily.

Complete Weekly Quests

When you go to your quest log menu and click on the Hunt Pass quests, you'll get an overview of the four weekly quests that you'll have seven days to complete before being replaced with new ones.

Completing all of them will earn you 600 Heart Seekers, equaling six levels in the Hunt Pass. These challenges usually involve completing patrol missions or killing monsters with certain weapons.

Farm Heartseekers, Hunt Pass, Level Up Guide, Dauntless

Destroy Behemoth Body Parts to Gain Heart Seekers

As you complete the Death Mark Daily Quests and the weekly challenges, you will easily reach the maximum level by the end of the season. But if you want to speed things up, there is another method.

Concentrate on destroying the Behemoth body parts during the battle. Because every time you hit a body part, you have a chance to get Heart Seeker for the Hunt Pass. It doesn’t always work and there are several parameters that can affect your yield.
- In each fight, try to destroy each part of the body (tail, head, both legs, both arms) to get heart seekers. The more you destroy, the higher the chance and number. The best weapon to use against Behemoth is the chain blade.

- Here, the number of Heartseekers you’ll gain depends on the Threat level of the Behemoth. The stronger the monster, the higher the hearseekers you'll gain.
- Behemoth's Mastery rewards you get at levels 12, 20, 31, 37 and 49 with a permanent bonus that increases the yield for breaking Behemoth body parts.
- In the final screen after missions you can see the bonuses for the detachment of the Behemoth parts at the bottom left.


  1. You also get 6 from breaks on lesser behemoths, sometimes I'll get 24 in 3 minutes from little gnasher


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