Rage 2: Find Arks, Unlock Weapons and Abilities Guide

To progress quickly in Rage 2, you need to have new weapons and abilities. You can get them by finding Ark. In this guide, we’ll show the locations of all hidden Arks.

You can get the information of certain ark locations from vendors in the cities. Besides, when you activate your Focus, a light beam will appear in the sky; at the base of it you’ll find an ark.

Ark Locations map

The difficulty vary with the distance from your starting point, you can immediately make those lower right and center against that to the Southwest and those north may make you drool.

Rage 2, Arks Locations Map

Special Arks

Gunbarrel’s Ark: This can be found as you progress through John Marshall's main mission Blackout, in Gunbarrel.

Shrouded Ark: The entrance range of the building is blocked, you will need to clean two points of interest of central energy type of eternal shrouds nearby (purple markers on the map).

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Arks, Rewards and Abilities

Quake Hill Ark: This unlocks Vortex ability

Junkers Pass Ark: Shatter ability

Cannon Cove Ark: Defibrillation ability

Great Crack Ark: Grav Jump ability

Spikewind Ark: Barrier ability

Shrouded Vault Ark: Charged Pulse Cannon

Dank Catacomb Ark: Firestorm Revolver

Strongbox Ark: Smart Rocket Launcher

Earthscar Ark: Slam ability

Needle Falls Ark: Grav Dart Launcher

Greenhaven Ark: Hyper-Cannon

Dealypipe Ark: Rush ability