Mounting - Riding Monsters Guide: MH World Iceborne

The latest DLC in Monster Hunter World (MHW), “Iceborne”, brings a new feature that allows you to ride small monsters to travel fast across the map.

MHW Iceborne Mounting

- With the new add-on, you’ll be able to ride on the monsters by using the dedicated icon in the object bar. It is possible that the presence of Palico is required and that this functionality is linked to the unlocking of the different local factions.

- You can pick a destination on the map and your monster will take you there automatically. You can also select a monster, and it will follow it automatically. If no place is selected, it will follow the nearest tracks.

- You’ll not be able to directly control the mount.

- You will be free to pick up items, use your slingshot, eat, sharpen your weapon and check out the monster map, among others.

Mounting, Riding Monsters Guide, MH World Iceborne

- The monster will get tired if you use it too much. You will be able to see how tired he is in the start menu. When the mount is resting, you cannot ride it.

- Each region has its own monster to ride.