Benefit of Sharing Meal in Fire Emblem Three Houses

In Fire Emblem Three Houses (FETH), the meals your cook and eat play an important role as they bring you bonus points in the relationships between characters and you’ll get some additional benefits if you share it correctly.

In this guide, we’ll show you the benefit of sharing a meal in FETH

The first thing you should consider when sharing your food with other class members is the motivation they have. It is more useful that you share your meal with a friend who has little motivation, since it will have a greater impact on the effects that bring you, which will vary depending on the dish you consume.

You must also try to find two students that produce a better relationship between them. This is more important when you recruit students from other homes, since not everyone can have a good relationship with the rest. One trick you can do is press the X button when selecting students, to see their social ranks among the rest of the students.

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The next important thing is that you should not to share your food with students who have a maximum bond, since you’ll not get any benefit when preparing the meal. Check the social ranges to share with those who have less bond with each other, and can improve.