Boost Your XP by 4 Times: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Tips

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (MUA3) players have found a trick that allows you to boost your XP earning by four times. With this method you can assemble four equal characters to a one group, each of them gain their own XP, which will be an XP multiplied by four compared to normal.

Please note that this trick may not work in the future because the developer may fix it.

Here’s a step by step guide to quadruple your XP in MUA3

- Play a solo infinity mission by selecting any character, for example Hulk.
- Make sure that the selected character is in the second, third or fourth place or the trick will not work for you.
- Start the mission and let yourself die.
- Pick exit, go to the menu and go to hero selection.
- You will notice that the character with whom you were playing and with whom you let yourself lose is now in the first team position with what you would already have two equals: the one that just appeared in the first slot and the one you previously selected that you put in slot 2, 3 or 4.

Boost Your XP, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, MUA3 Tips

- Now release the first slot and replace it with any other character you already have in the team. If you pick a character that is not on the team then the trick will not work.

- Repeat the process, enter the game, let yourself die, and you will see that the first slot reappears another duplicate character with which you would already have three.
- Repeat the process to reach the four duplicate characters