Get All Keys and Unlock True Ending: Super Mario Maker 2

Here, we’ll show you all the Key locations in Super Mario Maker 2 (SMM 2). You’ll need them for level 9 and to unlock the true ending.

Key # 1: You’ll begin in a place where red color mushrooms fall from a pipe, get one and go down the floor pipe. You’ll land in a room with 6 pipes, take the switch and go to the pipe on the left, throw it down and shoot it. Now you can go under the yellow squares to the right and then jump to get the first key

Key # 2: Return to main area, take a dock and go to the next pipe. Use the spring to jump over the circle on the right, where there is a hidden spring, when you hit it you will get the second Key.

Key # 3: For the 3rd area take a Pow Block and get into the pipe. Go up to the top platform for the top key. You can use the Pow Block to escape from the ghost. It is easier if you use the spring to stay on the platform and then jump for the key.

Key # 4: For the next room you need to get a spring before you enter. Then launch the spring on the block of the corner and launch the spring that you’ll find next to the same place. Use the two springs to get the key from above.

Key # 5: Here, get a Pow Block and climb up the platforms. Follow the path to the right until you see all the opponents on the screen, launch the block, get rid of all the opponents and take the key

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Key # 6: Go up with a spring and place it on the egg to get to the key
Key # 7: Take a spring, go back to the beginning and use it to get to the pipe above, go to the other side of the room, take the Pow Block and throw it to the vehicle, so you can take the missing key.

Unlock True Ending

When you have all the keys don’t go at the end, go up the pipe to the top left. There you can use your keys to get the True ending.